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Big Rocks Weir project

Project overview*

EIS status EIS active
Description Proposal to construct 10,000 megalitre weir at Big Rocks on the Burdekin River.
Proponent Charters Towers Regional Council.
Location/s The project is located at Big Rocks on the Burdekin River approximately 26 kilometres north of Charters Towers and 24 kilometres upstream of the existing Charters Towers Weir. Map
Local government/s
  • Charters Towers Regional Council
Investment Estimated to cost approximately $90 million.
Key features
  • 10,000 megalitre weir approximately 13.0 metres high
  • conventional concrete construction
  • associated fishway structure, saddle dam, and a stilling basin
Construction start date 2026
  • 172 full time equivalent (construction)

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

Currently Draft EIS being prepared by proponent.
24 November 2023 Coordinator-General stated a new project declaration lapse date of 9 January 2026.
19 December 2022 Coordinator-General stated a new project declaration lapse date of 9 January 2024.
07 July 2021 Terms of reference for an EIS (Adobe PDF Icon 1.4 MB)
10 May 2021 to 7 June 2021 Draft terms of reference for EIS public consultation (Adobe PDF Icon 1 MB)
29 March 2021 Gazettal (Adobe PDF Icon 247 KB) of ‘coordinated project’ declaration.
29 January 2021 Commonwealth Minister for the Environment decided that the project is a ‘controlled action'.
19 January 2021 Initial advice statement (Adobe PDF Icon 70 MB).

Further information

Read more about the EIS process.

Last updated: 06 Jun 2024