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Lindeman Great Barrier Reef Resort Project

Project overview*

EIS status Approved with conditions
Description The redevelopment and expansion of the existing resort at Lindeman Island
Proponent White Horse Australia Lindeman Pty Ltd
Location/s 35 km south east of Airlie Beach of Shute Harbour on the mainland and approximately 13 km south east of Hamilton Island. Map
Local government/s Mackay Regional Council
Investment $583 million
Key features
  • redevelopment and expansion of the existing resort to include a 5 star Beach Resort, 6 star Spa Resort, a 5 star Eco Resort and a 4 star Tourist Villa Precinct
  • facilities including a conference centre, beach club, restaurants and lounges
  • a central village precinct comprising restaurants, bar, night club, conference facility buildings, arrival centre, shops, sport and recreation centre and a staff village
  • expansion of the current services area including power generation (solar with diesel back-up), sewage treatment and water treatment
  • existing airstrip and golf course upgrades
  • upgrade to the existing jetty and additional moorings
  • Ecotourism facilities - a National Park and Great Barrier Reef Educational Centre
  • environmental enhancements - native vegetation replanting, improvements to stormwater management and a shift towards renewable energy sources are proposed.
Expected completion 2022
  • 300 (construction - on average per year)
  • 300 (operational - on average ongoing)

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

Date Activity
8 November 2018 Commonwealth Minister for the Environment's approval of ‘controlled action’, subject to conditions.
28 March 2018

Coordinator-General's report on the EIS released.(PDF icon12 MB)

The Coordinator-General's report has also been split into smaller documents, for easier download:

Revised draft EIS Revised draft EIS documentation

19 December 2017 The Coordinator-General accepted the draft EIS as the final EIS and is now preparing his EIS evaluation report.
18 October 2017 Additional information for the EIS requested by Coordinator-General.
22 July to 4 September 2017 Draft EIS public consultation
2 February 2017 Coordinator-General stated a new project declaration lapse date of 20 February 2018.
21 August 2015 Terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 307 KB) released.
30 May 2015 to 3 July 2015 Draft terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 685 KB) public consultation.
19 May 2015 Gazettal of 'coordinated project' declaration (PDF icon 254 KB).
07 May 2015 Commonwealth Minister for the Environment decided the project is a 'controlled action'.
06 May 2015 Coordinated project application, including initial advice statement (PDF icon 27.8 MB), submitted.
9 April 2015 Project referred to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.

Further information

Read more about the EIS process.

Last updated: Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019