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Gladstone set to become world-leading hydrogen hub

One of the world’s largest hydrogen-equipment manufacturing facilities is planned for Gladstone as part of a new partnership with Fortescue Future Industries.

The deal is a boost for Queensland’s growing credentials as an emerging superpower in renewable hydrogen. The partnership will help create a world-leading hub for the manufacture of electrolysers in Central Queensland.

Electrolysers are used to split hydrogen from water. When Fortescue Future Industries constructs a facility at Aldoga, it will initially be able to manufacture up to two gigawatts of electrolysers annually.

The project will put Gladstone on the map as a world leader in the renewable-hydrogen supply chain, helping Queensland become a world leader in advanced manufacturing and hydrogen generation.

The partnership will also create local jobs, support our economic recovery and create an advanced manufacturing industry in Gladstone that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the country.

“As GEM [Green Energy Manufacturing] develops according to FFI’s own requirements and other customer needs, manufacturing will come roaring back to regional Australia, creating many thousands of jobs.” - FFI Chairman and Founder, Dr Andrew Forrest AO

Last updated: 13 Jun 2023