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Resource recovery industry development program

The $100 million Resource Recovery Industry Development Program (RRIDP) (PDF icon 982 KB) supports our goal to make Queensland a world leader in recovery projects. It provides funding to Queensland’s resource recovery industries through support for projects and initiatives that divert waste from landfill, reduce stockpiling and create jobs.

Funding is available to local governments, established businesses and not-for-profits looking to use proven resource recovery technologies to improve existing operations or bring significant new facilities to Queensland.  Applications are also welcome from consortia offering integrated supply chain solutions.

Funding proposals may be operations or facilities anywhere along the entire supply chain—from collection and transfer to sorting and remanufacture—as well as waste to energy.

Read more about the Resource Recovery Industry Development Program (PDF icon 982 KB).

The program supports the Queensland’s Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy.

Funding opportunities

There are three steams of funding available under the RRIDP.  They are:

  • Stream one: provides dollar-for-dollar capital grants from $50,000 to $5 million for facilities and infrastructure projects that align with the RRIDP and its objectives.

    Two funding rounds for stream one were available. No further rounds are planned.

  • Stream two: provides incentives to attract or expand major resource recovery operations that will divert significant amounts of waste from landfill, reduce or prevent stockpiling and recover substantial resources.  Applications include a two-staged process beginning with an expression of interest that can be made at any time.

  • Stream three: provides support toward capital intensive, long lifecycle projects that require a contribution towards investigations to assist with investment decisions for Queensland. Applications include a single-stage process with applications accepted at any time.

View successful recipients for all three streams.

Contact us

More information, including questions about applications, is available by contacting the project team on 13 QGOV or

Last updated: Monday, Feb 15, 2021