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METS accelerator pathway

We want the world to know that Queensland is Australia’s home for METS innovation. We’re working with industry partners to support an end-to-end accelerator pathway for the sector.

It can take years to turn an idea into a successful product. Some great ideas never reach their potential. Without assistance, it’s hard to get an innovative product or service proven and ready at the right time for the market.

Use the guide to technology readiness to find the right program for your start-up or business.

Turning ideas into products

Unearthed runs two different 12-week programs designed for tech-based start-up companies with products in the early stages of development (technology readiness levels 1-3). The Build and Scale accelerator streams will benefit start-ups working on a digital solution for the METS, energy and resources sector.

Participants in Build can expect to gain insight into industry challenges, procurement channels and product viability.

Participants in Scale will get the opportunity to pilot and validate their tech with customers, improve their pitching and develop their business.

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Turning products into commercial successes

These programs are designed for late-stage acceleration METS businesses (technology readiness levels 7-9). If you’re looking to get an innovative product or service into new markets, these will benefit you.

Queensland METS Regional Pre-Accelerators

We know our regional METS companies have an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why, together with METS Ignited and other industry partners, we’re hosting accelerator programs for Queensland start-ups and scale-ups in regional Queensland.

The Queensland METS Regional Pre-Accelerators, delivered in partnership with METS Ignited, will provide regional start-ups and SMEs with support to improve business capability. It will help commercialise innovations and prepare them for more extensive accelerator programs.

Resources Innovators, Scale-ups and Entrepreneurs (RISE)

The RISE Accelerator is a 12-week workshop program of intensive mentoring in commercialisation. It provides a better understanding of customer needs and processes, pitching opportunities, and networking opportunities with METS peers.

RISE is designed for scale-ups with proven solutions to priority challenges facing the mining and energy resources sectors. RISE helps participants commercialise these products and services in the local and international markets. Support is available for regional participation.

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Last updated: Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019