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Our goal is for Queensland’s space industry to be recognised as a leading centre in Australasia by 2025.

Recent achievements

Queensland Space Industry Strategy

We’ve updated our Queensland Space Industry Strategy. Opportunities are growing across the globe in space capabilities and systems - and Queensland is well-positioned to further harness our enormous potential.

By 2025, Queensland’s space industry will be recognised as a leading centre in Australasia for launch activities, ground systems, Earth observation, niche manufacturing, robotics and automation for space.

The Queensland Space Industry Strategy informs our actions to grow Queensland’s space industry:

Strengthen Queensland’s existing capabilities by supporting:

  • infrastructure capability
  • human capability
  • commercial capability.

Grow Queensland’s industry by connecting it to new markets:

  • connecting industry to international markets
  • connecting industry to the greater supply chain
  • leveraging downstream industries.

The strategy is looking to the future. It aims to add between $3.5 and $6 billion to Queensland’s economy and up to 6,000 jobs by 2036.

Queensland, Australia – your next space supply chain

Queensland is an industry powerhouse with a competitive geographical edge. The state’s universities and companies are at the forefront of space research and technology.

Perfect for launch

  • east coast location with access to the equator and capability to launch into multiple orbits
  • home to Australia’s most advanced launch vehicle developers (HypersonixBlack Sky Aerospace and Gilmour Space Technologies)
  • Australia’s highest concentration of aerospace manufacture and repair services

As part of the Queensland Space Industry Strategy, we conducted a technical and environmental investigation into the space launch potential of Abbot Point which found the site may be suitable for small-scale launch activities. Read more about the investigation findings (PDF, 1.3 MB).

The Queensland Government is continuing to investigate whether there is another site in Queensland that could support the government’s longer-term vision for a large-scale facility servicing multiple sizes of rockets.

Ready to host ground stations

  • radio-free regions with clear skies and coverage into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
  • remote Internet access developed to support Queensland’s resource industries
  • an International Broadband Submarine Cable available from mid-2020.

Nation-leading in Earth observation

  • Australia’s largest concentration of Earth-observation capability

World-class in robotics and automation

  • Advanced robotics and remote asset management capability built through research, Queensland’s mining industry and the geographical need to operate remotely.

Supporting documents

Last updated: 28 Feb 2023