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Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development

Industry call for large-scale, high-recovery recycling projects

The Recycling and Jobs Fund – Industry Development (RJFID) aims to create significant uplift in industry capability to recover and recycle resources at scale, assist with the development of precincts in strategic locations, and support the Queensland manufacturing sector.

Through this industry call, the Queensland Government aims to support large-scale recycling projects that can demonstrate a clear improvement in one or more stages of the recycling process and result in a material impact on the diversion of waste materials from landfill.

It is an initiative under the Queensland Resource Recovery Industries 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan and supports delivery of the Queensland Government’s Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy.

The Queensland Government is making a call to industry for large-scale, high-recovery recycling projects that will make a material impact to Queensland’s waste diversion targets and support the state’s transition to a circular economy.

This program will support new, improved and/or expanded infrastructure, technology, machinery and/or capital equipment that will result in high-volume reprocessing or recycling of materials.

The focus areas for this industry call are:

  1. Mixed commercial and industrial (C&I) waste streams

    Projects that:

    • act at scale to significantly retain material in the economy, reduce the amount of material for disposal (or going to landfill) or fill an identified gap in the supply chain that will improve resource recovery and retain the value of the product in the economy
    • will make a significant impact to the recovery of a difficult to recover end-of-life material stream
    • are scalable so they can be delivered in a variety of locations to significantly reduce the distance and cost of transporting recovered end-of-life material to reprocessing or recycling facilities.
  2. Renewable energy infrastructure
    Projects that provide solutions for the recovery, reprocessing or recycling of renewable energy infrastructure, particularly solar panels.

  3. End-of life electrical and electronic products and batteries
    Projects that provide solutions for the recovery, reprocessing or recycling of products such as household appliances, electric vehicle, and stationary storage batteries (excluding used lead acid batteries).

Applicants can apply for financial assistance of up to $10 million (excluding GST), to a maximum of 50% of the total eligible project cost. Initially, $45 million is being allocated to this program.

The type of projects that might be supported include:

  • new infrastructure and expansions, and/or equipment upgrades and modifications, to existing recycling/processing facilities
  • high-value recovery processing technologies that can recover a significant percentage of materials from the waste product (e.g. 90% from solar panels)
  • mobile processing plants that can work in a variety of locations and at different scales, with high recovery rates
  • increasing end markets for recovered or repurposed waste product or its components
  • on-shoring processes which have required export of materials that could be processed or refined in Queensland.

To express interest

Read the guidelines ( 4.3 MB) for the industry call for large-scale recycling projects.

If your proposed project aligns with the objectives of the industry call and your organisation and the project meets the eligibility criteria, please submit an expression of interest. A department representative will follow up to discuss your project.

The Industry Call will remain open until the funds are fully allocated.

Further information

For enquiries about this program, please contact the department's Resource Recovery Industries team via or (07) 3452 6851.

Last updated: 23 May 2024