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Resource recovery industry development program

The Resource Recovery Industry Development Program supported our goal to make Queensland a world leader in recovery projects. It provided funding to Queensland’s resource recovery industries through support for projects and initiatives that divert waste from landfill, reduce stockpiling and create jobs.

Since its launch in September 2018, grant funding has been awarded to 29 businesses and local government projects diverting 1.3 million tonnes of waste per annum from landfill, delivering an additional $193.8 million in capital investment and creating more than 360 jobs across Queensland.  This program is now closed to new applications.

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Replacing and building on the success of our RRIDP program, the new QRMF program will invest in industry projects that improve sorting, processing, recycling and remanufacturing of waste across Queensland.

Successful recipients for all three streams of RRIDP:

Stream one round one

  • AKM Earth Pty Ltd (Moreton Bay) - Establish a new aggregation facility in Pinkenba and purchase new plant and equipment for the Caboolture Resource Recovery Facility to increase the range of recycled material and enable mobile off-site processing.
  • Astron Plastics Pty Ltd (Wacol) - Expand existing operations to include a soft plastic washing and pelletising plant.
  • Australian Tyre Processors Pty Ltd (Stapylton) –Expand the existing facility to collect and process end of life tyres to generate reusable products such as tyre shred, scrap steel and rubber crumb.
  • Cairns Regional Council (Cairns) - Establish a new construction and demolition waste recycling facility including construction of an access road, installation of primary screening equipment, construction of perimeter fencing, construction of hardstand process and the construction and installation of bays.
  • Cleanaway Pty Ltd (Dundowran, Hervey Bay) - Upgrade the existing materials recovery facility to increase the recovery of recyclables from kerbside collection.
  • Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd (Brendale) - Establish a new facility to process road sweepings and other detritus to recover sand and aggregate for use in asphalt.
  • Elliott Agriculture Pty Ltd (Roma) - Establish a 'HotRot' in-vessel composting system that will process waste streams to create blood and bone compost fertiliser.
  • Furness Group Pty Ltd T/A Enwaste (Warwick) - Establish a resource recovery centre for commercial and industrial and construction and demolition waste streams, including establishment of a composting facility.
  • Horne Group Pty Ltd (Hervey Bay) - Establish a construction and demolition waste processing centre.
  • Impact Washing Pty Ltd (Stapylton) - Expand the volume and capacity of the existing plastic waste reprocessing plant to meet demand for processing of high-density polyethylene plastics from material recovery facilities and industrial sources to a clean raw material.
  • Stanley Asphalt Pty Ltd (Ipswich) - Establish an asphalt recycling facility with the capacity to use up to 100% of inputs converted into Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement.
  • Stapylton Resource Recovery (Stapylton) - Establish a new facility with the capability to sort co-mingled waste from the construction and demolition industry.
  • Townsville City Council (Magnetic Island) - Expand the Magnetic Island Resource Recovery Centre to improve recovery of recyclables including cardboard, plastic, metals and re-useable items.

Stream one round two

  • Blocktexx (Woodridge) - Establish a multi-fibre textile recycling plant based on chemical separation technology to process textiles into recycled-PET pellets and cellulose powder.
  • Disruptive Packaging Pty Ltd (Acacia Ridge) - Establish collection points in Brisbane and Rockhampton where Uniqcor packaging can be pelletised before reprocessing. Uniqor is a reusable and fully recyclable, water-proof packaging material for fresh produce and seafood markets that replaces single use wax cardboard and styrofoam crates).
  • Enviro Sand Pty Ltd (Wacol) - Purchase new processing equipment as part of the relocation and significant expansion of a glass fines processing facility producing glass sand.
  • Envorinex Pty Ltd (Toowoomba) - Establish a waste plastic recovery, processing and remanufacturing operation to process rigid plastics from agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture industries.
  • Kalfresh Pty Ltd (Kalbar, Scenic Rim) - Establish a bio-energy facility, using anaerobic digestion technology, at the existing Kalfresh vegetable processing facility to process organic wastes into power and soil conditioner.
  • Kriaris Transport Pty Ltd (Rockhampton) - Install a new glass processing line at the Parkhurst Materials Recovery Facility which is used by central Queensland councils.
  • Livingstone Shire Council (Yeppoon) - Establish a resource recovery centre as part of the Yeppoon landfill site, providing bays for customers to separate waste and increase recovery of recyclables.
  • Maranoa Regional Council (Roma) - Establish an enclosed small vehicle receival centre for use by domestic and commercial customers. The receival centre will provide receival bays to increase recovery of recyclables.
  • QLD Recycling Pty Ltd (Nudgee Beach) - Install a processing line for glass collected from SEQ material recovery facilities, targeting glass fines and other fragments which are unsuitable for remanufacturing into glass bottles.
  • Re.Cycle Operations (Mackay) - Install new equipment at the Mackay Material Recovery Facility to increase recovery of recyclables and reduce landfill.
  • Reclaim PV Recycling (Rocklea) - Establish a PV solar panel and battery recycling facility which uses a furnace to remove binders etc and manual disassembly to recover copper, silicon, silver and aluminium.
  • Rosenlund Constructions (Pinkenba) - Establish a waste management facility with a fixed recycling line for mixed construction and demolition waste and dedicated plant for melting styrene construction waste to allow export for remanufacturing.
  • Rowcon Recycling Pty Ltd (Sunshine Coast) - Establish a mixed construction and demolition recycling facility and an enclosed, purpose built industrial building to house co-mingled construction and demolition waste pre-sorting activities, sorting and processing equipment.
  • Veolia Environmental Service Australia Pty Ltd (Swanbank) - Purchase mobile plant and equipment to increase recovery of mixed construction and demolition waste.

Stream two

  • ResourceCo BRRF Pty Ltd (South East Brisbane) - Establish a resource recycling facility to process commercial and industrial and mixed construction and demolition waste streams primarily into process engineered fuel.

Stream three

  • Laminex (Gympie) - Towards a late stage engineering report which will help inform the final investment decision for an energy cogeneration plant in Gympie.

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Last updated: 27 Jul 2022