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Queensland biomass mapping and data

Search for biomass feedstock information

The biomass data and mapping tool provides a snapshot of data on forestry, cropping, urban waste, intensive livestock, food processing and horticulture. The dashboard enables better links between biomass suppliers and end users. The tool will help local businesses get more value from organic material destined for landfill, disposal or other low-value uses.

This data is delivered in partnership with the Australian Biomass for Bioenergy Assessment, funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

Read more about our biofutures priority industry.

Using the dashboard

Data is presented as aggregated values at a local government area. You can overlay additional datasets, such as energy or transport infrastructure or land use information, by visiting the AREMI website.

Data can be filtered by:

  • region, using a selection of local government areas grouped into similar geographic regions
  • local government areas, which can be selected individually
  • residue source - broad groups of biomass feedstocks
  • residue type, for finer detail.

Data in this dashboard shows a snapshot of information on biomass feedstocks. It was last updated in 2018.

View the technical methods documents for details on how this data was derived. To download the raw data as CSV files please visit the Queensland open data portal.

The Queensland Government’s data is an information source only. Please read our disclaimer and copyright information.

Last updated: 08 Nov 2021