Each state development area (SDA) is subject to a development scheme, a regulatory document that controls planning and development in an SDA.

Prepared and implemented by the Coordinator-General, a development scheme ensures development in an SDA is well planned and managed.

Broadly, the development scheme:

  • identifies land uses compatible with the objectives of the SDA
  • sets out the processes and procedures for the assessment of applications and requests related to development in the SDA
  • assists in avoiding or minimising impacts to environmental, cultural heritage and community values
  • ensures orderly development.

A development scheme takes into account industries that already exist in the SDA as well as surrounding land uses.

It overrides local and state government planning instruments related to the use of land for development regulated by the development scheme for the relevant SDA.

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The Townsville SDA Development Scheme is currently under review. Click for more information and to have your say on the draft Townsville SDA Development Scheme.