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Redland Housing Supply and Diversity Strategy

Through planning, the Queensland Government aims to manage how our cities, towns and regions change and grow in a way that benefits the public interest achieving better outcomes for people, places, the environment and the economy.

In September 2022, Deputy Premier Steven Miles announced the Queensland Government will develop the Redland Housing Supply and Diversity Strategy 2023 – 2046.  The Strategy will work towards ensuring diverse, accessible and more affordable housing in the Redland region, now and in the future.

By 2046, housing needs in the Redland area will be very different from what they are now. Redland City’s population is growing and evolving, and it is important to ensure housing supply and diversity meets these changing demographics. Both state and local governments share responsibility for planning and delivery of housing, however industry also plays a role.

  • Redland’s population is getting older. The current average age is now 42 (was 40.3 in 2016).
  • Redland households are getting smaller. Average people per household is now 2.62.
  • Redland has a lot of large homes. 85% of dwellings have 3 or more bedrooms.

Consultation opportunities

The Queensland Government has consulted the community to understand changing housing needs in the Redland area and to ensure future housing planning provides diversity to meet community needs.

Consultation to inform development of the Redland Housing Supply and Diversity Strategy has now closed. Input, ideas and feedback received during consultation will inform the preparation of the draft strategy.

There will be further opportunities for the community to provide input later in 2023 when the draft strategy will be available for public comment.

Visit Have your say for updates and future opportunities for consultation once the draft strategy is released.

Last updated: 26 Jun 2023