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The Growth Areas Team

The Queensland Government announced the Growth Areas Team (GAT) in March 2021.

The GAT brings together the capabilities and functions from state's Planning Group, Economic Development Queensland, Infrastructure and Regional Strategy, Local Government and the Coordinator-General.

An experienced team, combined with access to these powerful functions will ensure that GAT succeeds in its important charter.

GAT has been established to respond to land supply, population growth and property development challenges across the SEQ region.

Its basic remit is to work collaboratively with local governments, utility providers and the development industry to better match the demands for land, affordable and diverse housing with supply.

GAT has short, medium and longer term objectives to:

  • unlock approvals in targeted local government areas
  • accelerate outcomes in known growth areas
  • accelerate planning of new growth areas
  • identify and implement systemic changes to state’s planning framework.

The team works to overcome barriers that constrain new development in growth areas.  This includes:

  • facilitating development approvals
  • partnering to undertake structure planning and infrastructure planning
  • identifying and promoting reforms to the planning and infrastructure regime that will lead to better long-term management of Queensland’s growth.

Last updated: 12 Nov 2021