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Pilot site

The Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning Steven Miles recently announced  the initial stage of Caboolture West, known as Neighbourhood Development Plan 1 (NDP1), will be the first pilot site in a future program to unlock growth, address housing choice and affordability, housing assistance and identify the infrastructure necessary to support more liveable communities.

The broader Caboolture West area in the Moreton Bay Regional Council was identified as a major expansion area within the South East Queensland Regional Plan (ShapingSEQ).

Caboolture West (NDP1) has land utilisation challenges typically found in SEQ, including land fragmentation and infrastructure planning, delivery and funding while having the potential to provide timely on-the-ground housing, economic and community outcomes for SEQ.

This pilot will build on the collaboration already underway between the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Unitywater, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and land-owners.

Caboolture West is at the heart of a rapidly growing corridor north of Brisbane, so the successful delivery of this site will pave the way for future growth in this area. The site is expected to eventually provide approximately 30,000 homes for around 70,000 people and generate close to 23,000 jobs.

The Caboolture West (NDP1) pilot site will allow the team to understand the short-term delivery challenges, to problem solve and apply any learnings to the long-term development of the broader Caboolture West area. It will also inform a pipeline of future sites the team will consider in addressing the full range of housing needs.

Last updated: Thursday, Mar 25, 2021