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Caboolture West

Planned for growth

Over the next 40 years, Caboolture West will become a new regional city that will be home to approximately 70,000 people, accommodate 30,000 new homes, provide access to 17,000 job opportunities. It will play a significant role in addressing population growth in the Moreton Bay region.

The area has been identified for many years for urban development though the South East Queensland Regional Plan, ShapingSEQIt has also been incorporated in the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme as a Local Area Plan.

At approximately 3,480 hectares, Caboolture West is the largest greenfield growth area planned for the Moreton Bay region.

Over the next 40 years, Caboolture West will become a new regional city that includes:

  • around 70,000 people in 30,000 new homes with access to 17,000 job opportunities
  • at least 970 hectares of green space including active and passive parks and open spaces, reserves and conservation areas, and water-cycle management areas (such as bioretention features, wetlands, stormwater harvesting and erosion and sediment control infrastructure)
  • extensive green, ecological corridors that will preserve and enhance the creek and waterway systems that traverse the area
  • walkable neighbourhoods with integrated active and public transport networks
  • nine, well located state primary schools and four state secondary schools, as well as other state and community services
  • a network of centres to service resident and community needs including a town centre, local centres and neighbourhood hubs
  • Next Generation Neighbourhoods delivering diverse and affordable housing choices enabling people to change housing, as their needs and circumstances change, without having to move to other localities
  • transport networks that will allow people, goods and services to move and connect safely, efficiently and effectively in, around and to and from the area.

Caboolture West location

Caboolture West ( 24.5 MB) is an area approximately 3,480 hectares between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. It is a greenfield development area bounded by the D’Aguilar Highway to the north, Caboolture River to the south and low hills to the west of Old Northern Road.

Land use planning

  • The Growth Areas Team has been working closely with Moreton Bay Regional Council, infrastructure providers and landowners to establish overall land use and infrastructure planning that will ensure Caboolture West develops as a well-planned and serviced community.

    The Growth Areas Team has prepared the Draft Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan (CWISP) ( 3.2 MB). This planning builds on earlier work undertaken by Moreton Bay Regional Council for the Caboolture West Local Area Plan and Neighbourhood Development Plan 1.

    The Draft CWISP is an early release of the overall planning for Caboolture West. It has been prepared to guide and influence development applications that have already been lodged and are actively under consideration by Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Queensland Government. The CWISP will help ensure that these early development approvals make provision for infrastructure, services and facilities that are needed to support the development of new homes.

    The Draft CWISP covers around half of the total Caboolture West area and establishes two areas:

    • an Investigation Area, where changes to existing land uses are not contemplated prior to the CWISP being replaced by a Final Structure Plan, and
    • a Growth Area, which is accompanied by a structure plan map and assessment benchmarks.

    These planning areas are identified in the Caboolture West growth area and investigation area map ( 1.7 MB).

    The Draft CWISP also refines the spatial arrangement of land uses and infrastructure already set out in the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme. This updated planning is set out in the Caboolture West interim structure plan map ( 910.4 KB)  plan map which has responded to:

    • the newly gazetted future state-controlled road corridor
    • improved planning for the number and desired location of state school sites, local centres, community hubs, neighbourhood hubs and parks
    • the need to deliver high quality environmental corridors
    • new planning for the future local road network.

    The Draft CWISP also includes new assessment benchmarks to guide development applications in the Growth Area.  These assessment benchmarks will ensure that a diverse mix of housing types, on a variety of lot sizes are provided as well as consideration is given to accommodating affordable and community housing options.

    New assessment benchmarks proposed by Moreton Bay Regional Council provide additional or modified criteria to those currently in the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme. These provisions are aimed at delivering high quality housing and centres and include provisions for:

    • Dwelling house rear setbacks
    • Dwelling house maximum site cover
    • Car parking rates
    • Minor green corridors
    • Two way separated bike paths, and
    • Local centre, community hub and neighbourhood hub design requirements.

    The CWISP will be replaced in around 18 months with a Final Structure Plan for Caboolture West. This Final Structure Plan will include detailed structure planning for the Investigation Area as well as a comprehensive infrastructure plan for the entire Caboolture West area. This new plan will guide the roll out of development in Caboolture West for the next 40 years.

    Public consultation on the draft CWISP was held between 27 July 2022 and 26 August 2022. For more information, visit the Have Your Say page.

  • The Draft CWISP will be given effect through an amendment to the Planning Regulation 2017 known as the Planning (Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan) Amendment Regulation 2022. A consultation draft of the Amendment Regulation can be found here ( 184.8 KB).

    The Amendment Regulation, Draft CWISP and Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme should be read together to understand the development assessment requirements for the Draft CWISP area. These development assessment requirements include:

    • a prohibition for certain development in the Investigation Area
    • a prohibition for development on a State school site in the Growth Area, other than development for a State primary or secondary school
    • setting the category of assessment and assessment benchmarks for development in the Growth Area.
  • On 28 September 2021, the Planning Minister approved an amendment to the Moreton Bay Regional Planning Scheme to facilitate development assessment of around 3,000 residential lots in NDP1. The new part of the planning scheme is currently being used to guide the assessment of development applications within Neighbourhood Development Area Plan 1.

  • On 29 September 2022 the Planning Minister made a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) to suspend the operation of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme on land outside of NDP1.

    This action was taken to protect the balance of land across Caboolture West (outside of NDP1) from out of sequence development, until such time as detailed land use and infrastructure planning, in the form of the Draft CWISP, has been undertaken.

Infrastructure planning, funding and delivery

  • In 2021 the Queensland Government committed $10 million from the Building Acceleration Fund (BAF) to co-fund water supply and sewerage networks and a sewerage pumping station to support the new residential development in Caboolture West NDP1.

    On 9 June 2022, the Queensland Government announced $15 million from the new Growth Acceleration Fund (GAF) would be allocated to supplement the $10 million BAF funding. This will enable Unitywater to deliver an expanded water and sewer infrastructure network capacity that will support development across a wider area of Caboolture West.

  • The Draft Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan (CWISP) establishes land uses and infrastructure elements to ensure that approved development is well-planned and serviced. The Draft CWISP structure plan map incorporates key infrastructure elements including:

    • the newly gazetted future state-controlled road corridor
    • state school sites
    • local road and active transport network
    • local parks, greenspaces and stormwater items.

    The Growth Areas Team is continuing to work with Moreton Bay Regional Council, Unitywater and state infrastructure agencies to establish a detailed infrastructure planning and charging framework for the entire Caboolture West area. This infrastructure framework will be delivered with the proposed Priority Growth Areas (PGA) legislation.

Have Your Say

Community consultation on the draft Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan (CWISP) took place between 27 July and 26 August 2022 and has now closed.

The Growth Areas Team will review submissions received during the consultation to complete the Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan.

Last updated: 29 Sep 2022