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Decision summaries

Pursuant to section 150AS(2)(c) of the Local Government Act 2009, below are the Councillor Conduct Tribunal's summaries of decision and reasons.

Decision summary Decision date
Councillor John Schilling, Cairns Regional Council (PDF, 213KB)30 August 2021
Mr Paul Jacob (formerly Councillor), Townsville City Council (PDF, 199KB) 13 July 2021
Councillor Ian Todd, Balonne Shire Council (PDF, 269KB)30 June 2021
Mr Nigel Waistell (formerly Councillor), Scenic Rim Regional Council (PDF, 260KB) 26 May 2021
Councillor, Cairns Regional Council (PDF, 220KB) 13 April 2021
Mr Wayne Kimberley (formerly Councillor and Deputy Mayor), Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 193KB) 24 March 2021
Mr Terry Fleischfresser (formerly Councillor), South Burnett Regional Council (PDF, 202KB) 1 March 2021
Councillor, Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire Council (PDF, 383KB) 23 February 2021
Mr Cheyne Wilkie (formerly Mayor and Councillor), Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire Council (PDF, 399KB)
WARNING: This decision summary contains strong language that some readers might find offensive.
23 February 2021
Mr Jess Glasgow (formerly Councillor), Noosa Shire Council (PDF, 235KB) 22 February 2021
Councillor Jeffrey Baines, Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 198KB) 15 February 2021
Mr John Kremastos (formerly Councillor), Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 200KB) 26 November 2020
Councillor Tyson Golder, Maranoa Regional Council (PDF, 144KB) 26 November 2020
Councillor Dan Stewart, Gympie Regional Council (PDF, 274KB) 1 December 2020
Councillor Dane Swalling, Cloncurry Shire Council (PDF, 228KB) 28 October 2020
Councillor Glenn Tozer, Gold Coast City Council (PDF, 185KB) 24 September 2020
Councillor Margaret Strelow, Rockhampton Regional Council (PDF, 242KB) 2 July 2020
Councillor Greg Barnes, Bundaberg Regional Council (PDF, 185KB) 19 February 2020
Councillor, Bundaberg Regional Council (PDF, 220KB) 19 February 2020
Councillor Benjamin Heath, Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 274KB) 6 February 2020
Councillor Paul Gleeson, Redland City Council (PDF, 222KB) 15 December 2019
Councillor Denise Sims, Moreton Bay Regional Council (PDF, 193KB) 14 December 2019
Councillor Glenn Tozer, Gold Coast City Council (PDF, 197KB) 14 December 2019
Councillor John Collins, Whitsunday Regional Council (PDF, 229KB) 29 November 2019
Councillor, Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 179KB) 29 November 2019
Councillor Richie Bates, Cairns Regional Council (PDF, 244KB) 26 November 2019
Councillor Donna Gates, Gold Coast City Council (PDF, 193KB) 25 October 2019
Councillor Adam Hain, Moreton Bay Regional Council (PDF, 163KB) 6 September 2019
Councillor, Redland City Council (PDF, 158KB) 16 August 2019
Councillor Paul Gleeson, Redland City Council (PDF, 200KB) 16 August 2019
Councillor, Toowoomba Regional Council (PDF, 153KB) 14 August 2019
Councillor Tom Tate, Gold Coast City Council (PDF, 157KB) 14 August 2019
Councillor Lynette McLaughlin, Burdekin Shire Council (PDF, 187KB) 5 August 2019
Councillor Benjamin Heath, Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 207KB) 5 August 2019
Councillor, Logan City Council (PDF, 10MB) 27 June 2019
Councillor, Southern Downs Regional Council (PDF, 518KB) 17 May 2019
Councillor, Gympie Regional Council (PDF, 208KB) 26 April 2019
Councillor Rick Taylor, Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 196KB) 23 April 2019
Councillor Geoff McDonald, Toowoomba Regional Council (PDF, 0.5MB) 17 April 2019
Councillor John Kremastos, Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 0.5MB) 3 April 2019
Councillor Jeffery Baines, Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF, 0.5MB) 3 April 2019
Councillor James Hansen, Fraser Coast Regional Council (PDF, 0.5MB) 12 February 2019

Last updated: Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021