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Local government legislation

The roles and responsibilities of Local Governments are regulated by legislation.

Local government delegations

Local governments are able to delegate many of those decisions to respond more effectively to the community and provide for timely, consistent decisions to be made.


Councillors and local government employees must always act ethically and within the law.

Councillor Conduct Tribunal

The Tribunal is an independent body responsible for dealing with complaints of misconduct by councillors.


Find out more about the Local Government Learning Centre and scholarships for training.

Local government assistance to community organisations

Local governments can provide grant assistance directly to community organisations. Learn more about types of grants, reporting requirements and find a checklist for developing and administering community grants.

Local government elections

Local government elections are held every four years. The Electoral Commission of Queensland is an independent and impartial body set up to run free and democratic elections in Queensland, including local government elections.

Queensland Local Government Grants Commission

The Commission provides recommendations to the Minister responsible for local government in Queensland on the distribution of the Commonwealth Government’s Financial Assistance Grant to local governing bodies.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020