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Resources for council officers

Compliance checklists

Local governments must comply with a range of statutory requirements prescribed by the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012. A range of checklists have been developed to assist local governments comply with these.

Checklist Type and size
Registers, policies and publications checklist
A checklist listing policies, processes and records that councils must have in place to comply with local government legislation.
PDF icon 107 KB
Annual report
A checklist to assist councils in the preparation of annual reports.

PDF icon 231 KB

Budget checklist
A checklist to assist councils in the preparation of budgets.
PDF icon 87 KB
Rates and charges checklist
A checklist to assist councils to levy rates and charges.
PDF icon 150 KB
Budget meeting checklist
A checklist to assist councils comply with budget meeting requirements for the 2020–21 financial year
PDF icon 90 KB
Planning, financial management and accountability
A checklist to assist local government staff meet statutory obligations and timelines in relation to planning, financial management, providing public access to key documents, and internal audit functions.
Word icon 173 KB

Policy templates

View the templates below created to help local governments develop policies, guidelines etc required under legislation.

Model meeting procedures (PDF, 262KB)
Procedures available for Queensland local governments to adopt as a minimum mandatory procedure or as a guide to develop compliant customised meeting procedures.

Standing orders for council meetings including standing committees ‘best practice guide’ (DOC, 512KB)
Template best practice guide for Queensland local governments to adopt as additional standing orders for council meetings.

Example investigation policy (DOC, 274KB)
Example policy available for local governments to adopt as a mandatory investigations policy for dealing with complaints about councillor conduct in Queensland..

Supporting information for developing administrative support guidelines (PDF, 215KB)
Supporting information containing matters councils should consider when developing guidelines for councillor administration support staff.

Sample councillor advisor role description (DOC, 267KB)
Sample position description and responsibilities for councillor advisor advertisements.

Last updated: 03 Nov 2022