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Queensland’s quarantine network

Quarantine continues to be an essential part of the COVID-19 health response and supporting Australians returning home. There’s an urgent need for fit-for-purpose quarantine facilities throughout Australia, as we contend with dangerous COVID-19 variants such as delta.

Australia’s hotel quarantine system is under extreme pressure and is no longer providing the required level of protection.

Hotels were not built for the purpose of quarantine and as such, we have seen outbreaks from hotel quarantine in almost all jurisdictions.

The Queensland Government is investing in a quarantine network to reduce the risk of leaks and keep Queenslanders safe.


On 16 August, the Queensland Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a quarantine facility located at the Damascus Barracks at Pinkenba, Brisbane, with the Commonwealth constructing the 1000-bed facility that will be run by Queensland Government.

On 26 August, the Queensland Government announced that a dedicated regional facility, the Queensland Regional Accommodation Centre, will be built at Wellcamp, west of Toowoomba. Under a joint agreement between the Queensland Government and the landowner, Wagner Corporation, a 1000-bed facility will be built by Wagner Corporation and run by Queensland Government.

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Last updated: 09 Nov 2021