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Biomedical Voucher Program

The Queensland Government’s Biomedical Voucher Program supported the development of ground-breaking biomedical innovations and technologies for international or interstate clients—attracting new businesses to Queensland and improving the state’s global competitiveness.

Round 1 funding included:

  • Patheon Biologics Australia Pty Ltd, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific - $250,000 to develop biomanufacturing solutions.
  • National Biologics Facility (The University of Queensland) - $13,882 to manufacture potential novel therapies for cancer treatment and inflammatory disease.
  • TetraQ (The University of Queensland) - $65,485 to undertake toxicity studies of a novel radiopharmaceutical.

Round 2 funding included:

  • AnteoTech - $65,000 to develop technology for application in diagnostic tests to better detect diseases including for Flu and Covid-19.
  • Microba  - $250,000 to research links between gut bacteria and mental health.
  • University of Queensland - $55,000 to develop a paralysis tick vaccine for animals and $83,792 to research and develop a vaccine for brain cancer.
  • Queensland University of Technology - $76,815 to help treat Type 1 diabetes.

Last updated: Monday, Jul 26, 2021