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Biomedical Voucher Program

The Queensland Government’s Biomedical Voucher Program supports the development of ground-breaking innovations and technology that attracts new businesses and improves the state’s global competitiveness.

Round 1 funding included:

  • Patheon Biologics Australia Pty Ltd, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific - $250,000 to develop biomanufacturing solutions.
  • National Biologics Facility (The University of Queensland) - $13,882 to manufacture potential novel therapies for cancer treatment and inflammatory disease.
  • TetraQ (The University of Queensland) - $65,485 to undertake toxicity studies of a novel radiopharmaceutical.

Round 2 funding includes:

  • Eight Mile Plains company AnteoTech - $65,000 to develop technology for application in diagnostic tests to better detect diseases including for Flu and Covid-19.
  • Brisbane CBD company Microba - $250,000 to research links between gut bacteria and mental health.
  • University of Queensland - $55,000 to develop a paralysis tick vaccine for animals and $83,792 to research and develop a vaccine for brain cancer.
  • Queensland University of Technology - $76,815 to help treat Type 1 diabetes.

This program offers Queensland-based businesses up to 50% of the fees (capped at $250K excluding GST) that would be charged to develop an international or interstate client’s biomedical product in Queensland.

The Queensland Biomedical Voucher Program is an initiative under the Queensland Biomedical 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 1.2 MB) aimed at attracting domestic and international business to Queensland to boost collaborations and enhance the industry’s national and global competitiveness.

Last updated: Thursday, Oct 1, 2020