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Investment facilitation

One way to achieve strong jobs growth and sustainable economic development is to support and encourage increased private investment into the economy.

In Queensland, tailored support is available for major investment ideas and business proposals that demonstrate a strong potential of being delivered and that align with the government’s priorities. For more information on the government’s priorities, please visit:

Support provided by the department to qualified private investors includes:

  • Project facilitation and investment support
  • An exclusive transaction for investment proposals
  • Referrals to other appropriate government agencies and decision makers

Our team will engage with you to explore your proposal and identify a tailored pathway to move it forward.

Facilitation and investment support includes:

  • providing the business case information addressing project requirements, business costs, skills availability and other business investment drivers
  • identifying suitable site options reflecting project requirements
  • streamlining of approvals and access to Queensland Government contacts
  • coordinating pre-lodgement meetings and giving advice
  • introductions to partners such as universities and other training organisations.
  • investigation of potential funding pathways.

Our team has a strong history of delivering investment support to investment ready projects. Read about our success stories.

Project examples - proposals under facilitation

Learn more about the types of proposals that are currently receiving investment facilitation support.

Project examples – projects being delivered

Learn more about the types of projects that have successfully received investment facilitation support and are now under construction.

Last updated: 23 Feb 2022