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Smarter Infrastructure for Queensland

Infrastructure underpins every aspect of modern life, supporting growth, improving productivity and resilience. Increasingly though, we need to think beyond traditional infrastructure solutions as the pressure to deliver more from Queensland’s infrastructure grows.

Queensland’s unique climatic, demographic, economic and geographic characteristics present challenges for infrastructure and service delivery. This is driving the Queensland Government to consider smart and innovative approaches that better use existing infrastructure.

Smart Infrastructure is the intersection between traditional physical infrastructure and digital technology and innovation.

Positioning Queensland as a leader in smarter infrastructure

As digital disruption transforms other Queensland sectors, infrastructure has remained largely unchanged. As we compete globally and service our growing state, we all have a role to play in driving innovation. The government, community, industry and academia need to come together to drive a smarter infrastructure agenda for Queensland.

The smarter infrastructure agenda positions Queensland as a leader in smarter infrastructure, through:

  • the establishment of a joint industry-government Infrastructure Innovation Taskforce
  • the release of the Smarter Infrastructure for Queensland discussion paper (PDF icon 1.6 MB)
  • hosting a Smarter Infrastructure for Queensland Summit along with industry
  • publishing ideas and feedback generated into a directions paper (PDF icon 1.1 MB)
  • exploring these ideas further through the Infrastructure Innovation Taskforce

Smarter Infrastructure for Queensland Summit

The Queensland Government held the Smarter Infrastructure for Queensland Summit on Tuesday 17 October 2017, to demonstrate practical outcomes that can be achieved by combining infrastructure, innovation and digital technology. It brought together industry experts, thought leaders, members of the Infrastructure Innovation Taskforce, state and local government and academia to collaborate, challenge existing barriers and identify pathways for smarter infrastructure opportunities.

Seven key themes emerged on the day:

  • Being customer-centric
  • Re-imagining the role of government
  • Innovation from less prescription
  • More from existing assets
  • Adopting agile thinking
  • Data focus
  • Collaboration across sectors

The Summit was just one part of positioning Queensland as a leader in smarter infrastructure. The Summit outcomes will assist the Queensland Government to plan for the knowledge economy of the future by adopting smart and sustainable infrastructure, and by preparing the workforce of today to deliver this future.

See how you shaped the conversation

All the presentations delivered at the Smarter infrastructure for Queensland summit were recorded and are available to watch.

Directions paper

The Queensland Government developed a directions paper (PDF icon 1.1 MB) that describes the key themes, generated from the Summit, feedback and submissions we received, and outlines the next steps.

Next Steps

The summit provided a foundation from which to take forward good ideas through government initiatives and programs. To keep the conversation going, the key outcomes will continue to be considered by members of the joint industry-government Infrastructure Innovation Taskforce, who will provide thought leadership to the Queensland Government. Key priorities will also feed into a forward work program that will help shape the future direction of Queensland’s smarter infrastructure agenda, including:

  • Showcasing Smarter Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Innovation Challenge
  • Building Information Modelling

We look forward to working closely with the joint industry-government Infrastructure Innovation Taskforce to identify tangible actions to progress the Smarter Infrastructure for Queensland agenda.

Capturing what we learnt

Last updated: 09 Nov 2021