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Infrastructure planning and policy

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The Digital Enablement for Queensland Infrastructure - Principles for BIM Implementation, will improve lifecycle management of assets and the on-time and on-budget delivery of new government infrastructure.

Strategic Asset Management Plan framework

This framework will assist government departments and statutory authorities prepare strategic asset management plans.

Total Asset Management Plan Framework

The Total Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Framework is the whole-of-government policy for managing Queensland Government assets.

Connecting Brisbane – a roadmap for the future

Connecting Brisbane outlines a roadmap for the future of Brisbane’s public transport system.

Infrastructure pipelines

There are a number of public and private sector infrastructure pipelines providing industry, potential investors and all levels of government with information about infrastructure projects currently underway.

Queensland Conventions Sector

The Queensland Government has conducted a review of the conventions sector in Queensland. The review analysed convention-capable facilities to understand how well they are utilised relative to each other and to other states. The review also assessed the needs of the sector, gaps in current service delivery, impacts of demand caused by future events, and potential for future investment.

The Summary of Key Outcomes: Queensland Conventions Sector Review and Guidance provides guidance for industry considering submission of any proposal for new convention centre infrastructure and/or expansion of existing infrastructure to the Queensland Government.

To discuss a proposal for new or expand convention facilities, email the Tourism division at

Last updated: 11 Sep 2023