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Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Program

The Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Program (MIPP) is a $30 million infrastructure planning program that supports the development of a robust project pipeline by enabling projects to be matured from conceptually good ideas into solid proposals.

The MIPP is being delivered in two phases of work.


Phase 1 involved:

  • Rapid assessment of all proposals raised through consultation and future opportunities from the 2016 State Infrastructure Plan. These reports have all been completed.
  • Early stage assessments of 40 new infrastructure proposals submitted by 22 local governments – currently underway.


Phase two of MIPP involved a competitive grant program open to all Local Governments. Submissions have been assessed and funds have been allocated to 70 projects across 67 Local Governments. These grants fund activities across two broad categories:

  • strategic planning for infrastructure – funding studies and investigations that will assist local governments to form a strategic view of their key infrastructure priorities and needs
  • business cases and/or detailed designs for the development of local government infrastructure proposals to provide better clarity on investment decisions.

The MIPP is an infrastructure planning program and does not commit the Queensland Government to progress or fund further planning or to provide funding for the delivery of projects.

Last updated: Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019