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Connecting Brisbane

Connecting Brisbane released on 6 June 2017, outlines a roadmap for the future of Brisbane’s public transport system.

Connecting Brisbane will see Brisbane's transformation into a vibrant world city through a modern, high-frequency mass transit system.

The vision is for a high-frequency public transport 'trunk' service with feeder services, that promotes the complementarity of the Cross River Rail and Brisbane Metro projects.

Projections for the coming four years see major infrastructure investment proposed in the centre of the rail and busway systems unlocking capacity in the core of the city’s public transport networks.

These, in turn, will facilitate the extension and improvement of the public transport system throughout SEQ. An integrated approach to public transport investment in Brisbane and surrounding areas will help to transform the SEQ region from a region of cities to a true city region.

The Connecting Brisbane (PDF icon 14 MB) strategy includes two main reform tasks:

  • provide infrastructure, particularly at the core of our transportation system, to unlock existing capacity and overcome current constraints and avoid congestion
  • improve services with a network providing more frequent, integrated services on a ‘turn up and go’ high-frequency trunk network supported by feeder services.

The public transport reforms will pave the way for future extension and improvement of the network, particularly in linking the identified growth corridors and areas.

Connecting Brisbane was jointly developed by the former Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Brisbane City Council in consultation with the former Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Connecting Brisbane’s plan is consistent with the federal government's Smart Cities Plan to support productive, accessible, liveable cities that attract talent, encourage innovation, and create jobs and growth.

Last updated: 17 Aug 2022