The Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) commenced on 1 July 2009. The department will make information available as released under the Act that is of significant interest to the wider public. This information is identified in our disclosure log. The disclosure log contains information released since 1 July 2009 and does not identify all information released under Right to Information.

New obligations for departments and ministers following the commencement of Part 2 of the Right to Information and Integrity (Openness and Transparency) Amendment Act 2012 (the Amendment Act) are now in place.

The Act requires departments and ministers to include certain information in a disclosure log as soon as practicable after a valid access application is made, in particular, the details of the information being sought and the date the application was made valid.

If departments and ministers decide to give access to a document that does not contain personal information of the applicant, and the applicant accesses the document within the access period (40 business days), departments and ministers are required to also include in the disclosure log a copy of the document, the name of the applicant and if access to the document was sought for the benefit or use by an entity other than the applicant, the name of the other entity*.

If the applicant does not access the document within the access period, then the details of the document and information about the way in which the document may be accessed changes will be included in the disclosure log.

Our disclosure log will be maintained on the status of Right to Information access applications including:

  • departmental reference
  • the date the access application was made valid
  • a summary of the request for information.

After the documents have been accessed, the following will be provided:

  • the name of the applicant
  • a copy of the documents for release.

Once the applicant has accessed their documents, the applicant's name will be placed on the disclosure log and a copy of the documents, with the removal of any information that:

  • may be defamatory
  • its publication may be prevented by law
  • it is of a confidential nature communicated in confidence or protected from disclosure under a contract
  • it would, if included in a disclosure log, unreasonably invade an individual's privacy or cause substantial harm to an entity.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the department's documents for release, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact 07 3452 6949.

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RTI reference Date of valid application Description of information Name of applicant / entity Status
RTI1920-066-DRDM 14 May 2020

All briefs and correspondence provided to Minister Glenn Butcher between 11 and 14 May 2020.

Time period / date range for request: 11-14 May 2020

Name withheld Application withdrawn
RTI1920-051-DSDMIP 5 March 2020

Pertaing to Lake Eyre Basin (LEB) Review conducted by Department of Environment and Science:

  1. Any cabinet permission of exemption of this LEB review from an RIS, before the closing date of the review
  2. Any preliminary impact statement/s prepared by the Departments/s, of this LEB review before the closing date of the review
  3. Any regulatory Impact Statement/s prepared by the Department/s, of this LEB review before the closing date of the review
  4. Any regulatory impact exemption/s prepared by the Department/s, of this LEB review before the closing date of the review
  5. All planning processes and consultation undertaken between DSDMIP and DES and stakeholders.
Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1920-047-MSDMIP 25 February 2020

The official diaries of Assistant Minister for State Development, Julieanne Gilbert MP, that set out her meetings taken in her official capacity as Assistant Minister.

Time period / date range for request: 23 September 2019 to 22 February 2020

Name withheld Application withdrawn
RTI1920-038-CG 12 March 2020
  • The last five report of pre-lodgement water infrastructure projects
  • Briefing notes created between 1 November 2019 and 5 February 2020 containing a collation of water infrastructure projects with their current status.
Name withheld Currently being processed
RTI1920-037-DSDMIP 31 January 2020
  • All changes and amendments (from the published 2014 Environmental Impact Statement) to the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project (SCAEP), submitted to the Office of Coordinator-General by Sunshine Coast Council, Sunshine Coast Airport, Sunshine Coast Airport Pty Ltd, and/or Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project Team between 27 September 2014 to 31 January 2020
  • All responses/replies from the Office of the Coordinator-General and/or departments responsible for project oversight concerning the above changes and amendments.

Time period / date range for request: 27 September 2014 to 31 January 2020

Name withheld Currently being processed
RTI1920-033-DSDMIP 15 January 2020

The following documents concerning two nominated recruitment processes:

  • all shortlisting documents
  • successful applicant’s resume and statement addressing the selection criteria, with or without any covering letter
  • election panel report recommending successful candidate.

Time period/date rage of the request: 1 October 2019 to 10 January 2020

Name withheld Application finalised2
RTI1920-022-DSDMIP 23 October 2019

An Infrastructure Agreement dealing with the municipal charges for the Yarrabilba Priority Development Area, likely executed between the Minister for Economic Development (EDQ) and Lendlease.

Name withheld Application withdrawn
RTI1920-021-DSDMIP 22 October 2019

The following documents held by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) concerning the properties situated at 45 and 57 Curtin Avenue West, Hamilton and 60 & 240 Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton in the Hamilton North Shore Priority Development Area:

  • all current and proposed property leases and/or documents revealing current and proposed lease arrangements under negotiation inclusive of all correspondence between the two parties in relation to this matter
  • documents confirming payments under the current leases for the past 5 years
  • any applications and or approvals (such as material change of use) in relation to the properties that are not on public display on the EDQ Website
  • any appraisals commissioned and obtained by EDQ to ascertain the market value of rental applicable to the current and proposed leases.
Name withheld Application withdrawn
RTI1920-018-DSDMIP 11 October 2019

Report prepared by the Department in response to a complaint.

Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1920-016-MSDMIP 9 October 2019

Documents created in the Office of the Minister or the Department, held in the Office of the Minister, containing information prepared in advance for the Minister’s meetings on 24 August 2019 at the ALP Business Partnership Program.

Date range: 30 June 2019 – 24 August 2019.

Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1920-015-MSDMIP 2 October 2019

Documents concerning the decision making process to lower the Paradise Dam wall.

Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1920-012-DSDMIP 26 September 2019

Documents concerning the decision making process to lower the Paradise Dam wall.

Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1920-009-MSDMIP 24 September 2019

Documents containing or evidencing communication between Anacta Strategies and any of the following:

  • the Minister
  • the Chief of Staff
  • any other staff member of the Office of the Minister; and/or
  • the Department Liaison Officer.

Date range/time period: 17 May 2019 and 24 September 2019

Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1920-004-DSDMIP 29 August 2019

The development proposals submitted by all short-listed proponents for the Toondah Harbour PDA, following the 2014 request for Expressions of Interest (E-Tender Ref #: EDQ-10-229/14).

Name withheld Application withdrawn
RTI1920-003-MSDMIP 26 August 2019

The Development application and subsequent approval given to the City of Gold Coast- The Tugun to Bilinga Oceanway.

Environmental and Statutory approvals.

Given by the Director General as assessment Manager Code Assessable Development SDAP.

Development Permit for operational work, vegetation clearing.

Time period: 2014-2018

Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1819-090-DSDMIP 24 July 2019

Documents provided by the CRRDA to the Department to consult about a potential PDA centered around the Boggo Road Cross River Rail station.

Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1819-088-DSDMIP 11 July 2019

A copy of the report produced out of 'Assessment of value for money - made in Queensland

Seven News Application finalised4
RTI1819-084-DSDMIP 14 June 2019

The previous title particulars of Lot 8 on Crown Plan 895066:

All information regarding the offering of berths within Lot 8 for lease in or around 1994 (including leases for 28 year terms), whether any such leases were granted, and if so, the terms of those leases;

All information regarding the lease between Port Binnli Pty Ltd and the State of Queensland dated 24 December 1996 (including but not limited to any tender process, negotiations of the lease terms and the terms of the lease); and

All information regarding the use of Lot 8 prior to the construction of Raby Bay Marina in or around 1994 (e.g. commercial fishing lease, special lease for development purposes etc.).

Name withheld Application finalised1
RTI1819-080-DSDMIP 3 June 2019

The Coordinator-General’s diary (including attachments to relevant meeting entries) relating to meetings (either on the phone/skype or any other form of communication and person) in the last 18 months concerning:

  • projects which the Coordinator-General has approved against any departmental advice and/or
  • projects that have not yet been decided on.
Name withheld Application withdrawn

Where the released documents are not attached to the relevant entry, the below information will help you identify the department's reason for not including the documents:

  1. No documents released, or pages would be blank after the removal of personal information.
  2. Documents not published due to privacy or confidentiality considerations.
  3. Documents contain information that could be defamatory.
  4. Documents not published due to copyright or contractual considerations, or prevents by law.
  5. Publication of documents may cause substantial harm to an entity.

If you have any questions about the disclosure log, please contact the Right to Information team on 07 3452 6949 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.