Project value

Construction costs estimated at over $100 million


Queensland Aquarium and Maritime Museum consortium which comprises Queensland Maritime Museum, Crossley Architects and Advanced Aquarium Technologies

Procurement stage

Stage 2: Detailed Proposal stage of the Market-Led Proposal process


Privately funded


Privately financed

Delivery period


Artist impression of the Queensland Aquarium and Maritime Museum

About the proposal

The Queensland Aquarium and Maritime Museum (QAMM) consortium is preparing a detailed proposal to redevelop the existing Queensland Maritime Museum and build a world-class aquarium alongside Brisbane’s South Bank on government land.

Under the proposal, the heritage site components will be maintained, and historical and significant maritime artefacts, books, documents and photographs would be preserved. An economy-boosting tourist destination would be built in the heart of Brisbane next to South Bank and connect to Brisbane City, the Botanical Gardens, and the soon-to-be-built Queen’s Wharf development via the Goodwill Bridge.

The proponent estimates that the project may attract up to 750,000 visitors a year, inject up to $200 million a year into the Queensland economy and create ongoing employment.

The government is awaiting a detailed proposal for consideration.

MLP strengths

Alignment with government policy, priority and community need

  • Delivery of a new economy boosting tourist destination.
  • Would preserve and improve the Queensland Maritime Museum.
  • Improved continuation of a publicly accessible Brisbane River frontage from South Bank to Kangaroo Point.

Justification for direct negotiation

  • Facility will improve the ongoing viability of the Queensland Maritime Museum.
  • The aquarium would add to inner Brisbane’s tourist attractions and connect to Brisbane’s South Bank, the Botanical Gardens and the soon to-be-built Queen’s Wharf development.

Value for money

  • State-owned land in inner-city Brisbane would be better utilised and Queensland would benefit from a new tourist destination.

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