We’ve launched our Queensland Space Industry Strategy (PDF icon 3.8 MB). Opportunities are growing across the globe in space capabilities and systems - and Queensland is well-positioned to further harness our enormous potential.

Watch Queensland’s Strategic Defence Advisor for Aerospace, Air Vice-Marshal Neil Hart (ret’d), as he explains the importance behind developing the strategy and how it may benefit companies and sectors across the board.

By 2025, Queensland’s space industry will be recognised as a leading centre in Australasia for launch activities, ground systems, Earth observation, niche manufacturing, robotics and automation for space.

The Queensland Space Industry Strategy informs our actions to grow Queensland’s space industry:

Strengthen Queensland’s existing capabilities by supporting:

Grow Queensland’s industry by connecting it to new markets:

The strategy is looking to the future. It aims to add between $3.5 and $6 billion to Queensland’s economy and up to 6,000 jobs by 2036.

Queensland, Australia – your next space supply chain

Queensland is an industry powerhouse with a competitive geographical edge. The state’s universities and companies are at the forefront of space research and technology.

Perfect for launch

As part of the Queensland Space Industry Strategy, we’re conducting a technical and environmental investigation into the space launch potential of Abbot Point (PDF icon763 KB).

Ready to host ground stations

Nation-leading in Earth observation

World-class in robotics and automation

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