About the review

The Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Scheme came into effect on 3 July 2009.

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has commenced a review of the Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Scheme to ensure it continues to operate effectively as the overarching planning document for the area.

The scope of the review includes examining:

The review may result in an amendment to the development scheme following consultation with the community and other stakeholders.

The review and development scheme amendment are planned to be completed in 2019.

Project stages

The development scheme review will occur across the following project stages:

Stage 1: Information review
March 2016 to June 2016

Stage 2: Planning options analysis
July 2016 to early 2019

Stage 3: Draft amendment and public notification
Mid 2019*

Stage 4: Adoption of development scheme amendment
End 2019*

*indicative timeframes only

How you can get involved

EDQ welcomes feedback from local property owners, residents and business operators about topics relevant to the review of the Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Scheme.

Stage 1 engagement

Community information sessions

During project Stage 1, EDQ hosted two community information sessions where stakeholders were able to drop in to meet and speak to EDQ representatives.

These sessions:

Online survey

During project Stage 1, EDQ conducted an online survey where stakeholders were able to provide their views on a range of topics including residential development, retail and entertainment development, commercial and business development, parks, community facilities and transport infrastructure.

Stakeholders were also able to supply information or photos about the Northshore Hamilton PDA to help explain the community's interest in this area.

What happens next?

EDQ will report back to the community the key issues that were raised during stage 1 consultations.

EDQ will develop a series of concepts and options for how to respond to and address various planning matters.

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