Queensland. The state for business.

Queensland offers plentiful land, a wealth of resources, excellent and expanding infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce and attractive incentives for new and established business to make the state their home. The Queensland Government wants innovative and dynamic businesses to establish and expand in Queensland, and is acting to make that a reality.

How we can assist industry

To further this economic vision, we are actively engaging with companies, with the aim of encouraging the relocation and establishment of new projects, or reinvestment and expansion of existing operations in Queensland. We work closely across government and with private sector agencies to provide Queensland with a one-stop-shop approach for advice, information and facilitation support.

The type of facilitation support that may be provided can include:

Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund

The $150 million Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund (AQIAF) is our financial incentive program and complements our full suite of support services.


AQIAF, like all our industry attraction work, seeks to bring innovative projects to Queensland and help them grow in order to drive job creation, regional growth, increased innovation and technology and supply chain development.

Is my project eligible?

To be eligible to receive AQIAF support your project must be contestable, meaning that it could be undertaken in more than one location. For example: a project that must be based at an airport on the east coast is contestable, compared to one that must be based specifically at Brisbane airport.

Additionally, your project must perform very strongly against at least some of the following criteria:

  1. Employment – the extent to which a project will result in a sustainable increase in employment. This includes any flow-on impacts on employment in other sectors.
  2. Regional development – the extent to which a project will achieve positive regional development and employment outcomes.
  3. Increased innovation and technology – the extent to which the provision of a financial incentive will result in the implementation of an innovative technology or business practice. Assessment against this criterion includes consideration of the potential for the technology or business practice to be disseminated throughout the industry in Queensland and the likely impact on long-term productivity.
  4. Capturing greater value from global value chains - the extent to which the provision of a financial incentive will enable the business to move up and along global value chains, and in doing so, capture additional value, which will manifest in increased value to the Queensland economy.

AQIAF principles

AQIAF, and its support to projects, is based on the following principles:

Principle 1

Principle 2

Principle 3

Principle 4

Principle 5

Principle 6

For more information on AQIAF or other assistance available from our Investment Attraction team please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Queensland's advantages

Queensland is the place for innovation, enterprise and industry. With a strong and diverse economy, Queensland has all the competitive advantages making it the best location to invest and grow your business.

With an abundance of natural resources, the state has ready access to raw materials supported by comprehensive transport networks and infrastructure. Queensland's skilled workforce is equipped to sustain emerging industries, and the support of world-class universities and training institutes will ensure the supply of future workforce needs. Additionally, Queensland boasts an unrivalled proximity to the high-growth markets of the Asia-Pacific, and is home to an enviable lifestyle with a competitive cost of living.

The Queensland Government is unashamedly pro-business with a stable and supportive policy and regulatory regime. Queensland offers one of the lowest payroll tax rates in Australia, has economic commercial and industrial property costs, and low workers' compensation premiums.

These benefits create endless opportunities across a range of sectors making Queensland the future of Australian business.

Further information

To register your interest to receive more information on release, please contact the Investment Attraction team.