Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has a strategic land use planning function and works closely with local governments to plan and develop land within priority development areas (PDAs).

In consultation with local governments, EDQ will facilitate planning in areas which are declared as PDAs or provisional priority development areas (PPDAs) to respond to gaps in the market or to facilitate development on complex large sites.

Development within PDAs is designed in response to the needs of local businesses and community and varies depending on:

  • size
  • locality
  • public transport
  • local amenity
  • road network
  • infrastructure
  • existing planning schemes.

Download the priority development area (PDA) fact sheet (PDF icon 1.3 MB) for information about the process and the benefits of a declared PDA.

Download the making a submission fact sheet (PDF icon 207 KB) for information about how to make a submission on a proposed development scheme for a priority development area.

To assist local government, the Introduction to priority development areas (PDF icon 1.09 MB) is available and provides information about identifying, declaring and planning PPDAs and PDAs.

View the list of declared PDAs.