The Ripley Valley PDA was declared on 8 October 2010 and covers a total area of 4680 hectares. It is located approximately 5 kilometres south-west of the Ipswich CBD and south of the Cunningham Highway.

The Ripley Valley PDA is an opportunity to provide approximately 50,000 dwellings to house a population of approximately 120,000 people.

The Ripley Valley PDA is located in one of the largest industry growth areas in Australia and offers opportunities for further residential growth to meet the region's affordable housing needs.

Note: In February 2013, the Urban Land Development Act 2007 (ULDA Act) was repealed and replaced with the Economic Development Act 2012 (ED Act). From then on, land areas identified for priority development were referred to as Priority Development Areas (PDAs), not Urban Development Areas (UDAs), and existing UDAs were transitioned to PDAs under the ED Act. Any reference to the term UDA on this website is taken to mean a transitioned UDA, which is now known as a PDA.

Ripley Valley

Ripley Valley PDA map

1. Ipswich
2. Yamanto
3. Bundamba Creek
Yellow line: Priority Development Area boundary
Light red line: Cunningham Highway
Dark red line: Centenary Highway

Delegation of development assessment powers to Ipswich City Council

One of the Queensland Government's statutory and land use planning reforms is to return responsibility for planning and development assessment to local government. The ultimate outcome sought for the Ripley Valley PDA is revocation. While the revocation process is being worked through with Ipswich City Council (ICC), development assessment and relevant administration powers were delegated to ICC on 30 September 2013.

From 30 September, ICC is responsible for assessing any development applications, other than those that are in the decision stage which remain with the department on behalf of the Minister for Economic Development Queensland. All development applications will continue to be assessed against the Ripley Valley Development Scheme under the Economic Development Act 2012 (ED Act). The ED Act development assessment fee schedule and the certification process for operational works will continue to apply.

What happens to existing development approvals within the Ripley Valley PDA?

What happens to current applications at the time of delegation?

How do I lodge a new application once delegation has commenced?

Will the development scheme continue to apply?

Will the self certification process apply to applications lodged with ICC?

Who will administer the self certification process?

Who will assess compliance and undertake plan sealing for existing PDA approvals?

What if I want to lodge a change to an approval granted by the department?

Ripley Valley PDA Development Scheme

Ripley Valley PDA Development Scheme

Ripley Valley Interim Land Use Plan

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