The Greater Flagstone PDA was declared on 8 October 2010 and covers a total area of 7188 hectares. It is located west of the Jimboomba and the Mount Lindesay Highway, along the Brisbane-Sydney rail line. It is immediately north of the Bromelton State Development Area.

When fully developed it is anticipated that the Greater Flagstone PDA will provide approximately 50,000 dwellings to house a population of up to 120,000 people.

Existing employment hubs at Park Ridge and Logan Central and proposed economic development at North Maclean and Bromelton will provide a range of job opportunities.

Note: In February 2013, the Urban Land Development Act 2007 (ULDA Act) was repealed and replaced with the Economic Development Act 2012 (ED Act). From then on, land areas identified for priority development were referred to as Priority Development Areas (PDAs), not Urban Development Areas (UDAs), and existing UDAs were transitioned to PDAs under the ED Act. Any reference to the term UDA on this website is taken to mean a transitioned UDA, which is now known as a PDA.

Greater Flagstone

Greater Flagstone PDA map

1. Park Ridge South
2. Flagstone
3. Logan River
4. Jimboomba
5. Cedar Grove
Yellow line: Priority Development Area boundary
Red line: Mount Lindesay Highway

Greater Flagstone PDA Development Scheme

Greater Flagstone Interim Land Use Plan

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