Development applications for priority development areas are assessed by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). However, in some instances, the assessment of development applications has been delegated by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland to the relevant local government authority. Where an application is proposed to be made in the following PDAs the application should be made to the respective local government authority:

Is your property in a priority development area?

You can identify if your property is a priority development area by using the DA mapping system called DA mapping. The DA mapping system also identifies if the development assessment is to be undertaken by EDQ or the relevant local government authority, however, this information is also listed above.

What is the Development Assessment process?

The assessment process under the Economic Development Act 2012:

Step one
Pre-application meeting (optional)
Step two
Step three
Assessment of PDAs
Step four

For a detailed description of the steps at each stage, visit the Development applications page.

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