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Woolloongabba Cross River Rail

Notice of Woolloongabba Cross River Rail Priority Development Area Interim Land Use Plan

Under section 40AC of the Economic Development Act 2012 the Minister for Economic Development Queensland gives notice that a new Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) dated November 2021 has been made for the Woolloongabba Cross River Rail (CRR) Priority Development Area (PDA).

This new ILUP replaces the current ILUP as the relevant development instrument for the PDA and will be in effect from the 24 November 2021 for a period of 12 months or until replaced by a development scheme.

Questions regarding the ILUP can be directed to the CRRDA via:

Key details

The Woolloongabba Cross River Rail (CRR) Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared on 3 April 2020 and an Interim Land Use Plan ( 7.1 MB) (dated April 2020) came into effect.

The Interim Land Use Plan ( 7.1 MB) (dated April 2020) pre-dates confirmation of Brisbane as the host of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Brisbane 2032) and the Brisbane Cricket Ground (the Gabba) being identified as a venue for the Olympic and Paralympic athletics events and opening and closing ceremonies.

Following confirmation of Brisbane 2032, a new Interim Land Use Plan ( 5.2 MB) (dated November 2021) has been made to acknowledge the need for additional planning to be undertaken in light of the State Government’s proposed redevelopment of the Gabba stadium.

Background details and further information about the Woolloongabba CRR PDA and the new Interim Land Use Plan ( 5.2 MB) (dated November 2021) is provided as follows.


The former 10-hectare Woolloongabba PDA, declared on 23 April 2010, was revoked to assist with the delivery of the CRR Project and was replaced with the 21-hectare Woolloongabba CRR PDA. This boundary includes all land within the former Woolloongabba PDA as well as land east of Main Street, including the Gabba. The increased area provides enhanced connection opportunities from the new CRR station to the Gabba stadium.

Woolloongabba CRR PDA Interim Land Use Plan

The Economic Development Act 2012 (ED Act) provides for a streamlined planning and development framework for PDAs to facilitate economic development, and development for community purposes. Once a PDA is declared under the ED Act, a development scheme for the PDA must be prepared.

The Interim Land Use Plan ( 5.2 MB) (dated November 2021) commenced on 24 November 2021. It is predominantly consistent with the previous Interim Land Use Plan (dated April 2020), other than changes made to:

  1. reflect confirmation of Brisbane 2032, and
  2. commitments made by the State Government in relation to the Woolloongabba CRR PDA, regarding:
    • open space provision, and
    • affordable and social housing.

A schedule outlining the above-described changes can be accessed here ( 375.3 KB).

As at 2021, the planning, staging and delivery of infrastructure, including the Gabba redevelopment, is in an early phase. A significant amount of work is required, in consultation with relevant State agencies and bodies responsible for coordinating the delivery of Brisbane 2032, to understand how the Gabba redevelopment relates to the broader PDA and development scheme preparation.

When the proposed development scheme is prepared, it will be publicly notified in accordance with the ED Act. At this time, all interested parties including the community, residents and business operators, will be invited to view the proposed development scheme and make a written submission.

Until the development scheme is finalised, development within the PDA is regulated under the new Interim Land Use Plan (dated November 2021).

The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority is responsible for planning and development assessment within the Woolloongabba CRR PDA.

Woolloongabba CRR PDA regulatory map

Download the Woolloongabba CRR PDA regulatory map (PDF icon 261 KB).

Woolloongabba CRR PDA boundary map

Cross River Rail project

For further information on the CRR project please contact the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority.

Last updated: 19 Nov 2021