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Notice of minor administrative amendment (Amendment 1) of the Oonoonba Urban Development Area (UDA) Development Scheme

Under section 69 of the Economic Development Act 2012 (Act) the Minister for Economic Development Queensland gives notice that the Oonoonba Urban Development Area (UDA) Development Scheme has been amended.

The scope of the amendment is explained in Schedule 3 of the development scheme and constitutes a minor administrative amendment under section 66 of the Act.

The amendment took effect on 7 August 2021.

PDA development applications over land in the Oonoonba UDA are now assessed against the Oonoonba UDA Development Scheme, effective 15 April 2011, last amended 7 August 2021.

Questions regarding the amended scheme can be directed to Economic Development Queensland via:

Key details

The Oonoonba Priority Development Area (PDA) will provide a range of housing styles and prices for home ownership and rental.

It covers 83 hectares and is three kilometres from the Townsville CBD.

It sits between the Ross River to the north and west, the railway line and Abbot Street road corridor to the east, and Riverwood Drive and Viewpoint Terrace to the south.

The PDA was declared on 23 April 2010.

Development scheme

The development scheme is the regulatory document which assists with planning, carrying out, promoting, coordinating and controlling land development within the PDA.

The Oonoonba Priority Development Area Development Scheme (PDF icon 1.25 MB) commenced on 15 April 2011 and was amended on 7 August 2021 (PDF icon 30 KB).

Note: Amendments to the Economic Development Act 2012 have changed the interpretation of PDA exempt and PDA self-assessable development. More information

Development assessment

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) assesses development applications for this PDA.

All development applications are assessed against the development scheme.


Funding and building infrastructure is key to facilitating development within PDAs.

The Oonoonba PDA Development Charges and Offset Plan ( 6.6 MB) accompanies the PDA development scheme. It identifies relevant development charges, how these charges are calculated, levied and administered, and the trunk infrastructure required to service the PDA.

You can also view the Oonoonba PDA Infrastructure Plan Background Report (PDF icon 35 MB).

To claim either a provisional or a final infrastructure offset use the online form.

Development project

The Village

Oonoonba PDA regulatory map

Download the Oonoonba PDA regulatory map (PDF icon 196 KB).

Oonoonba PDA boundary map

Last updated: 30 Jun 2023