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Northshore Hamilton

Key details

The Northshore Hamilton Priority Development Area (PDA) is a large urban renewal area that is being transformed into a vibrant, mixed-use precinct adjoining the Brisbane river and the suburb of Hamilton.

It covers 304 hectares, has over three kilometres of river frontage and is close to the Brisbane Airport and the Australian Trade Coast precinct.

The PDA was declared on 27 March 2008.

Proposed development scheme amendment

The development scheme is the regulatory document which assists with planning, carrying out, promoting, coordinating and controlling land development within the PDA.

EDQ has reviewed the development scheme to ensure it continues to operate effectively as the overarching planning document for the area.

A proposed development scheme amendment and a draft Development Charges and Offset Plan (DCOP) were publicly notified from Friday 22 October until Friday 3 December 2021 (the submission period). For more information visit Have your say.

The Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) will consider all submissions received before deciding what amendments, if any, may be made to finalise the proposed Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Scheme Amendment.

Until then, the current Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Scheme came into effect on 3 July 2009, continues to regulate development in the PDA.

Note: Amendments to the Economic Development Act 2012 have changed the interpretation of PDA exempt and PDA self-assessable development. More information.

Development assessment

EDQ assesses development applications for this PDA.

All development applications are assessed against the development scheme. EDQ will give a level of consideration to the proposed development scheme amendment when assessing and determining applications in the PDA.


A draft Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Charges and Offset Plan (DCOP) has been prepared to accompany the proposed Northshore Hamilton PDA Development Scheme Amendment. It identifies relevant development charges, how these charges are calculated, levied and administered, and the trunk infrastructure required to service the PDA.

Consultation on the DCOP occurred with the proposed development scheme amendment. Comments received will be considered prior to finalising the DCOP.

You can also view the Northshore Hamilton PDA Infrastructure Plan Background Report (IPBR). The IPBR outlines technical details and desired standards of service for the infrastructure identified in the DCOP.

Development project


Northshore Hamilton PDA regulatory map

Download the Northshore Hamilton PDA regulatory map (PDF icon 544 KB).

Northshore Hamilton PDA boundary map

Last updated: 14 Jan 2022