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Greater Flagstone

Public notice

Permanent road closure

The Minister for Economic Development Queensland gives notice that a 5,975m2 section of New Beith Road in the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area will permanently close on 11 April 2022.

The area of road, (described as Plan of Lot 60011, being closed road adjacent to Lot 910 on RP857850) will become freehold land.

Key details

The Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area (PDA) is located between two future employment precincts at North Maclean and Bromelton.

It is expected to provide approximately 51,500 dwellings to house a population of up to 138,000 people.

The PDA covers 7188 hectares and is located west of the Jimboomba and Mount Lindsay Highway, along the Brisbane-Sydney rail line.

Full development of the Greater Flagstone PDA is expected to take 30-40 years.

The PDA was declared on 8 October 2010.

From 25 February 2022 to 31 October 2023, Acacia Loop, Greenbank will be temporarily closed. View the map (PDF icon 111 KB).

Development scheme

The development scheme is the regulatory document which assists with planning, carrying out, promoting, coordinating and controlling land development within the PDA.

The Greater Flagstone PDA Development Scheme (PDF icon 2.54 MB) commenced on 8 October 2011.

Note: Amendments to the Economic Development Act 2012 have changed the interpretation of PDA exempt and PDA self-assessable development. More information

Development assessment

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) assesses development applications for this PDA.

All development applications within the PDA are assessed against the development scheme.

Endorsed context plans

Refer to the Greater Flagstone PDA Development Scheme for the statutory requirements of a context plan. Refer to Practice note no. 9 - Context plans (PDF icon 957 KB) for further detail on preparing a context plan.


Funding and building infrastructure is key to facilitating development within PDAs.

The Greater Flagstone PDA Development Charges and Offset Plan (DCOP) ( 2.1 MB) accompanies the PDA development scheme. It identifies relevant development charges, how these charges are calculated, levied and administered, and the trunk infrastructure required to service the PDA.

You can also view the Greater Flagstone PDA Infrastructure Planning and Background Report (IPBR), Maps and Submissions Report.

To claim either a provisional or a final infrastructure offset use the online form. Please refer to the application checklist ( 179.5 KB) before completing the online form.

You can view the superseded EDQ Instrument Greater Flagstone PDA Infrastructure Charging Offset Plan (ICOP)ICOP maps and cost schedule.

Greater Flagstone PDA regulatory map

Download the Greater Flagstone PDA regulatory map (PDF icon 1.0 MB).

Greater Flagstone PDA boundary map

Last updated: 05 Sep 2023