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Catalyst Infrastructure Fund

Strong population growth continues to drive demand for more diverse and affordable housing options across South-East Queensland (SEQ) is creating pressure for new land to be bought to the market in a timely way.

The $150 million Catalyst Infrastructure Fund 2022(CIF 2022) will help unlock land for housing in areas experiencing growth pressures, by providing low interest loans for accelerating the delivery of essential infrastructure within Priority Development Areas (PDAs).

In a number of PDAs, particularly the large new greenfield communities, development has advanced significantly over recent years. Ongoing rapid delivery of urban land in these PDAs is becoming constrained by the need for significant infrastructure delivery, often beyond the financial capability of any one developer. The CIF will help deliver land required for residential development by funding this catalyst infrastructure through partnering with councils, developers and industry, to invest in infrastructure projects that unlock development and create construction and long-term employment.

Co-investment is a mechanism between the Queensland Government and one or more eligible parties to deliver infrastructure under the CIF. For approved co-investment projects, funds will be provided by the Queensland Government on a low interest loan basis. The loan is generally serviced through the payment of quarantined catalyst infrastructure charges, secured through legal agreement and other securities.

Developers, local government and utility providers will be eligible to lodge applications for catalyst infrastructure in the greenfield PDAs.

The CIF 2022 Guidelines ( 788.7 KB) and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ( 175.0 KB) sheet have been developed to assist proponents with the development and lodgement of applications, and can be accessed at the link below:

Proponents are to submit an Application Form—PDF format ( 244.3 KB) or DOC format ( 650.8 KB)—and supporting information addressing the assessment and merit criteria.

Last updated: 09 Sep 2022