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How to make a submission

A submission is a written comment about a PDA development application. A submission can be made by any interested person, group or organisation.

To comment on a PDA development application, you must lodge the submission during the submission period for the application. The submission period is a minimum of 20 business days, and is specified in the notice in the local newspaper and on a sign on the land.

All submissions lodged during the notification period must be considered by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland or MEDQ delegate when deciding the application. A submission may object to or support all or part of the development application.

How to write a submission about a PDA development application

For details about writing a submission download How to make a development application submission factsheet ( 3.1 MB).

A submission should identify:

  • the relevant development application by either:
    • referencing the Development Application Number (e.g. DEV2020/123)
    • including details of the street address for the proposed development or
    • including the property description (e.g. Lot 1 on RP 234567).
  • the planning issues associated with the development proposed in the development application, for example:
    • potential traffic and car parking issues
    • potential noise, over shadowing or light impacts.
  • any aspects of the development you support.

Where to send your submission

If Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is the MEDQ delegate the submission must be either:

Emailed to:

Posted to: EDQ Development Assessment Team GPO Box 2202 Brisbane QLD 4001

If another entity is the MEDQ delegate the submission should be sent to that entity. Check MEDQ delegate

Making a submission about a proposed development scheme or amendment

Find out how to make a submission about a proposed development scheme or amendment.

Last updated: 15 May 2023