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Once land is resumed, it can be vested either in the name of the Coordinator-General or in:

  • a local body More information
  • another state government department, or
  • a private entity (e.g. a proponent of a 'private infrastructure facility').

The Coordinator-General may do any or all of the following:

  • lease, or agree to lease, to any person the resumed land
  • sign an agreement with any person to carry out, own, operate and maintain any works or development on the land resumed or proposed to be resumed
  • sign an agreement with any person in relation to works or development for the land resumed or proposed to be resumed
  • sell resumed land or agree to sell land to be resumed if it is consistent with the purpose of the resumption.

If it is no longer required for the purpose it was resumed, the Governor in Council decides how the land should be dealt with.

If the land is within a state development area (SDA), it can be disposed of to any party - provided the disposal has been approved by the Governor in Council and is for the implementation of the SDA's development scheme.

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Last updated: Monday, Jan 29, 2018