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Workshops and seminars

Why Choose Your Business webcast series

The “Why Choose Your Business” webcast series offers insights into how to identify and demonstrate your business’ value, and how to write an effective tender response that outlines the expertise, experience, and value-add activities of your business.

The modules will help you prepare a comprehensive capability statement and submit conforming bids to tender for government and private sector contracts.


An introduction to the “Why Choose Your Business” webinar series, including an outline of what topics are covered in each module.

Demonstrating Your Value

Tools to help you to identify and demonstrate the value that your business offers.

Promoting Your Capability

How to formalise your value into a comprehensive and effective Capability Statement.

What is a Tender?

Explores the tendering process, the difference between procurement and purchasing, and where tender opportunities can be found.

Fine-tuning your Tender Response

Insights into how to enhance your tender response, and submit a conforming tender.

Key learnings and Being Visible

A summary of the previous modules and how to ensure your business is visible.

Last updated: 17 Aug 2022