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We work closely with regions to help build stronger regional economies. In this section, we discuss regional priorities and economic development, and how government is giving back to communities through the regional infrastructure funding program.

Regional Queensland

Find out more about regional Queensland.

Building our Regions

The new $200 million Building our Regions Regional Infrastructure Fund (Building our Regions) is a targeted infrastructure program that delivers support for local government projects.

Royalties for the Regions

The state government's Royalties for the Regions 'blueprint' ensures that long-term royalty benefits will flow back to Queensland's resource regions. The framework will deliver improved social infrastructure for regional mining and resource communities.

Regional economic development

The department is involved in building regional economies through such initiatives as the Royalites for the Regions program.

Regional priorities

Planning is being synchronised across Queensland - the department supports a coordinated approach to meet future priorities, needs and community expectations.

Regional Major Projects Series

The Regional Major Projects Series provides small to medium-sized businesses with up-to-date information related to major project investment in the pipeline. Events focus on what is happening on the ground in the regions. Information covered includes industry outlooks, how to access new markets and win business through tendering and supply opportunities associated with government and non-government projects.

Regional Queensland fact sheets

Our regional fact sheets provides a summary of the region.

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