The Strategic Plan 2019-2023 (PDF icon 190 KB) outlines the department's vision, purpose and objectives.

The department encompasses a number of functions that uniquely place us to set and drive an economic agenda for Queensland, stimulating industry growth and creating jobs for all Queenslanders

Queensland Government's objectives for the community.

We're committed to helping the government deliver on its objectives for the community Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities. In particular, we will help the government to 'create jobs in a strong economy', ‘keep Queenslanders healthy’, ‘protect the Great Barrier Reef’ and ‘be a responsive government’. We will do this through key strategies to:

  • attract and facilitate investment aligned to Queensland’s economic strategy, including private sector investment in key sectors and emerging industries to stimulate economic growth and create jobs
  • create the conditions for sustainable economic and jobs growth by facilitating a pipeline of public and private infrastructure
  • provide planning leadership and contemporary planning framework that supports the use of land, connects communities, balances development with long-term environmental sustainability and encourages active lifestyles
  • provide easy-to-use services and help stakeholders to navigate policy and legislative requirements effectively.

Our vision for Queensland

Our vision is for a thriving and inclusive Queensland, where the economy, industry and communities prosper.

Our core purpose

We improve productivity and quality of life in Queensland by leading economic strategy, industry development, infrastructure and planning, for the benefit of all.

Our objectives

  • Lead economic strategy
  • Attract investment
  • Diversify the economy
  • Enable projects
  • Create thriving communities