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The Economic and Industry Development Group is tasked with championing the interests of business and industry in Queensland and removing regulatory bottlenecks and impediments to investment. We are made up of:

Industry Development

Providing support for industry, this area:

  • has a case manager function for mining, gas and business and industry projects. Officers assist with land and property requirements, secure approvals and help with workforce and other solutions
  • leads policy and regulatory reform initiatives to make Queensland a competitive location for investment and business growth
  • leads the development of local industry policy and supports major project proponents to engage with capable local businesses to maximise local supply
  • supports the growth of key industries (such as Defence, Aviation and Marine) in domestic and international markets
  • supports key industries with engagement of communities, local governments and landholders across Queensland
  • assists with Native Title, Cultural Heritage and Indigenous services for high priority projects.

Economic Policy and Research Directorate

Providing rigorous economic research, analysis and policy advice to promote productivity growth and inform the government to create Queensland jobs by:

  • developing economic and infrastructure frameworks to promote regional growth and guide strategies to improve regional competitiveness and living standards
  • preparing frameworks to highlight the economic potential of regions and develop initiatives to encourage private sector investment
  • coordinating economic development strategies across key development regions including the Surat, Bowen and Galilee basins, and the North West Minerals Province
  • undertaking economic research and analysis at the state and regional levels, to support growth in key economic sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, services and resources, as well as in new and emerging industry sectors such as biofutures, advanced manufacturing, defence and aerospace, mining equipment technology and services, and biomedical and life sciences
  • supporting development of the regional rail network and other parts of key supply chain logistics to enhance industry's competitiveness in global markets
  • identifying new opportunities for industry development and regional economic development in Queensland.

The directorate also provides commercial analysis, risk assessment and economic evaluation to estimate the potential economic benefits of projects and informs government decision-makers to support industry by:

  • undertaking robust due diligence, probity checks, risk assessment and commercial viability assessments of coordinated projects (under the SDPWO Act) and critical infrastructure projects that have significant job creations and industry flow-on opportunities for Queensland
  • developing and implementing a Value-for-Money and Cost-Benefit Analysis assessment framework for critical infrastructure projects
  • assisting with the development and analysis required for business cases seeking government assistance
  • managing and advising on commercial and critical infrastructure agreements.