Stadium design to represent the best of North Queensland

The principal consultant for the North Queensland Stadium project said the final stadium design would represent the best of what the North had to offer.

When appointed to the role of principal consultant in December 2016, Richard Coulson of Cox Architecture said his firm’s strong partnership with local consultants would ensure the region's know-how would play a strong role in the design process.

“Cox has a great history of working in regional Queensland because we understand the importance of tapping in to local knowledge and partnering with local teams that not only have technical expertise but also a first-hand understanding of the local environment,” Mr Coulson said.

“Our initial winning concept focused on how the structure could respond to the tropical climate, waterfront positioning, CBD precinct and iconic landmarks while delivering an exceptional event-day experience.

“The design will now be fine-tuned over coming months as we explore what local materials can be sourced or manufactured for the structure and what is achievable from the managing contractors point of view.”

The project design team, led by Cox, includes local consultants from:

  • 9point9 Architects
  • Ashburner Francis (mechanical and electrical)
  • Arup (structural civil, traffic and transport, acoustics)
  • Parker Hydraulics
  • RPS (landscaping and surveying)
  • Douglas Partners (geotechnical)
  • Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University (specialist wind engineering).

Cox’s previous local projects include the Tony Ireland Stadium, Thuringowa Riverway Arts Centre and Lagoons, Flinders Street revitalisation, the Museum of Tropical Queensland and Townsville Hospital.