This project will support the Mission Beach community by assisting the re-establishment of a reef-based tourist market and providing improved recreational boating facilities.

In response to community feedback, the project is focused on the delivery of safe boating infrastructure at Clump Point.

The Queensland Government has finalised a development plan and concept design for Clump Point, taking into account the input and advice provided by representatives from the local council and community groups.

The project will continue to respect the natural environment and cultural heritage of Mission Beach. As part of the approval process, the design will undergo assessments by a number of state and commonwealth agencies, including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

With the concept design and development plan now finalised, the Department of Transport and Main Roads is the most suitably qualified department to complete the project given their expertise in the delivery of marine infrastructure. The department will continue to support the Department of Transport and Main Roads in the planning and delivery of the project.