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Where is the site that the Queensland Government is proposing an Integrated Resort Development on the Gold Coast?

The Queensland Government is considering an Integrated Resort Development (IRD) on an unused five hectare site between the Gold Coast Fishermen's Co-operative and Sea World on the Southport Spit. It overlooks the Southport Broadwater and is accessed via Seaworld Drive. The IRD site represents less than 3% of the overall land area of The Spit.

Why is the Queensland Government proposing an Integrated Resort Development on The Spit?

The community has said that it does not want any further high rise development on The Spit, so why is the Queensland Government pursuing an Integrated Resort Development?

Who owns the site of the proposed Integrated Resort Development on The Spit?

How will the community benefit if an Integrated Resort Development is built on The Spit?

What kind of community benefits will ASF Consortium be required to deliver in exchange for acquiring 'free' land?

How will the Queensland Government deal with access and parking issues already on The Spit and Main Beach if an Integrated Resort Development is built?

What impacts would an Integrated Resort Development have on existing businesses on The Spit, such as Sea World, Marina Mirage, Palazzo Versace and The Southport Yacht Club?

Who is the ASF Consortium?

How did the ASF Consortium become the Queensland Government's preferred proponent for the Integrated Resort Development?

What is the Integrated Resort Development procurement process?

When will the community see the ASF Consortium's detailed plans for The Spit site?

How would the community benefit from the ASF Consortium's proposal for an Integrated Resort Development?

Can the Queensland Government progress this development without a cruise ship terminal?

Is a casino licence still on offer?

There is already a casino on the Gold Coast, why do we need another one?

What measurements will be put into place to ensure the project will be built by locals?

How will the Queensland Government consult with the community over the Integrated Resort Development site?

When will the Queensland Government's community consultation on the Integrated Resort Development site take place?

Why was the Queensland Government doing two consultation programs at the same time?

There has already been community consultation on the Gold Coast 2016 City Plan and community consultation by the ASF Consortium, so why has the Queensland Government commissioned another consultation program?

If the Queensland Government has already decided to put an Integrated Resort Development on The Spit, why is the community being consulted?

What happens at the end of the consultation program?