We’re making the state’s defence industry the strongest and most capable in Australia.

To do this, we need a mix of leadership, expertise, experience and local insight to identify and help unlock opportunities for industry growth.

That’s why we’ve established three expert advisory bodies: an overarching Minister’s Advisory Council on Defence Industry and Jobs, and two regionally focused boards for the north and south of the state.

These three bodies provide strategic advice about defence industry development and investment attraction. They focus on delivering the Queensland Defence Industries 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan and its three main strategies:

  • growing our defence industry capabilities
  • promoting our defence industry capabilities
  • increasing our defence industry contribution to the national and global markets.

Minister’s Advisory Council

The role of the Minister’s Council is to enhance the Queensland Government’s understanding of local-to-global defence industry needs, opportunities and challenges. The council members include Queensland’s four Strategic Defence Advisors and senior defence industry and organisational leaders. Together, they’re responsible for advising government on increasing strategic defence industry opportunities and capabilities in the state.


  • Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (Chair)
  • Lieutenant General Peter Leahy AC (retd) – Chief Defence Advisor / Strategic Defence Advisor - Land
  • Rear Admiral Simon Cullen AM CSC (retd) – Strategic Defence Advisor – Sea
  • Air Vice Marshal Neil Hart AM (retd) – Strategic Defence Advisor - Air
  • Major General Stephen (Steve) Day AM DSC (retd) – Strategic Defence Advisor – Cyber Security
  • Mr Gary Stewart, Managing Director, Rheinmetall Defence Australia
  • Mr Darren Edwards, Managing Director, Boeing Defence Australia
  • Dr Karen Stanton, Director – Strategy and Corporate, Heat Treatment Australia
  • Mr Andy Keough CSC, Managing Director, SAAB Australia
  • Mr Carl Quarterman, Queensland President, Australian Industry and Defence Network
  • Mr Brendan Sargeant, former Associate Secretary, Department of Defence
  • Ms Sarah Buckler, General Manager, Local Government Association Queensland
  • Ms Rachel Hunter, Director-General, DSDMIP (ex officio)
  • Mr Colin Cassidy, Deputy Director-General, DSDMIP (ex officio)

North and South Queensland boards

The regional advisory boards report to, and are overseen by, the Minister’s council. They have been established by the government to explore regional defence industry and supply chain opportunities in greater detail.

North Queensland Defence Advisory Board members

  • Ms Ranee Crosby, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Townsville (Chair)
  • Ms Kari Arbouin, Associate Vice Chancellor, Central Queensland University
  • Ms Raelene Caulley, Services Lead, Thales Australia
  • Ms Cathy Weis, Business Development Coordinator, Cubic Defence Australia
  • Mr Olav Groot, Chief Executive Officer, Norship Marine
  • Mr Brendan Sargeant, former Associate Secretary, Department of Defence
  • Mr Bryan Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Rocky’s Own Transport
  • Mr Colin Cassidy, Deputy Director-General, DSDMIP (ex officio)

South Queensland Defence Advisory Board members

  • Ms Jane Hunter, Chief Operating Officer, Boeing Defence Australia (Chair)
  • Mr Robert (Bob) Brett MC PSC, Chief Executive Officer, Wandering Warriors
  • Ms Sarah Earey, General Manager, L3 Micreo
  • Ms Teresia Fors, Vice President – Marketing and Communications, Volvo Group Australia Pty Ltd
  • Ms Linda-Ann Griffiths, Group Captain – Legal (retd), Royal Australian Air Force
  • Ms Bernadette McIntyre, Director, McIntyre Equip/Steyr Motors
  • Mr Andrew Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer, TAE Aerospace
  • Major General Richard Wilson AO (retd), Chair, Queensland Reconstruction Authority
  • Mr Colin Cassidy, Deputy Director-General, DSDMIP (ex officio)