The preliminary assessment stage is your chance to ‘road test’ your idea and to get high level feedback about your proposal before you invest significant time and energy. During this stage, the MLP team is available to meet with you to discuss whether your idea may align with the MLP criteria and advise you on developing your proposal. If you wish to proceed with your proposal you may be asked to complete the preliminary assessment form (Word icon 52KB) (2-3 pages) to help you articulate your idea.

It is not expected that you will need to undertake significant work at this stage.

If required, and you provide consent, the MLP team may consult other government agencies about your idea.

You will be given detailed written feedback on your proposal. The feedback will advise any major policy misalignments, existing or imminent procurement activities, and any major gaps in the proposal; especially the proposal’s ability to address the MLP assessment criteria (PDF icon 408KB). Written feedback can also be supported by a discussion if you wish.

If the MLP Panel considers that your proposal may meet the MLP criteria you will be invited to submit it for consideration in Stage 1: Initial Proposal.

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Contact the MLP team on: +61 (7) 3035 3133