The Queensland METS 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 5.25 MB) sets out the groundwork for the mining equipment, technology and services sector's next wave of growth.

The plan is part of the Queensland Government's $518 million Advance Queensland initiative to strengthen our state's economy and create high-value, knowledge-based jobs of the future for Queenslanders.


Queensland's METS sector employs 19,500 people across Queensland, generating $7 billion in revenue and $2.5 billion in value add to the Queensland economy.

With global population growth and increasing standards of living contributing to the demand for natural resources, Queensland's METS sector is well-placed to meet these challenges and lead the innovation necessary for the industry to improve productivity and environmental sustainability.

Key initiatives

  • An accelerator pathway for Queensland METS companies seeking to commercialise new products or processes (with METS Ignited and other partners).
  • New facilities in Queensland for METS companies to test new products, processes or services through a stocktake of existing and potential test facilities.
  • Piloting a Mackay Open Innovation Community of METS companies, Bowen Basin mining companies and researchers that will be focussed on addressing the specific challenges of Bowen Basin miners.
  • Creating an energy and resources technology networking series. These facilitated events will be held in different regions across Queensland and focus on sharing information about new technology for the energy and resources sector.
  • Supporting the establishment of a centre for developing entrepreneurial management capabilities and innovative business models.

Further information

For more information, email the METS team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.